On the Benefits of E Invoicing

By   October 14, 2015

For small businesses, electronic invoicing (E Invoicing) can provide various advantages.

electronic-invoicingSimply spoken, E invoicing can significantly shorten your entire invoicing process.

Not only can electronic invoicing help your business save considerable time, it can also help you to save costs.

What are the benefits of electronic invoicing?

  • Send and receive invoices instantly

You don’t have to mail your invoices any longer but can send and receive invoices instantly.

  • Reduced costs

The ability to send and receive them over the Internet means less expenses to prepare and mail your invoices.

  • Fewer errors

All your invoicing data is kept at one, central place which makes the management and organisation of your invoices a lot easier. Furthermore, your invoicing data doesn’t need to be manually transferred from paper to computer. This reduces the chance for errors.

  • Back compatibility with your existing prices

With electronic invoices, businesses can continue to create invoices as usual. The only difference is how they are sent:  this is a very straightforward  and easy process . All the business needs to do is send invoices in PDF format to an electronic invoice service provider. The service will do conversion and subsequently dispatch the recipient.

  • Electronic invoicing means no delays

Your invoices will only take minutes from the creation until they are processed. This means no waiting times for bills to be paid.

E invoicing is suitable for all types of businesses, no matter their size or invoicing volume. It is affordable and can help you to save time and money.