The Benefits of Private Schools in the United Kingdom

By   March 18, 2016

Even in times where increasingly more families in the United Kingdom have less money to spend, thinking about having your children go to a private school can be a smart decision.

private-schools-uk-better-earningsThere are several reasons why a private school can be the better alternative for your children, looking at the various benefits that a private, independent school can provide for them.

Recent studies have once again confirmed that private schools are often enabling students to get into the best careers later on in their lives.

Not long ago, a study funded by the Sutton Trust found that most professionals in the United Kingdom who have top positions in medicine, law or politics have attended a private school previously.

In some industries such as medicine or politics, the percentage of those successful professionals who visited schools is as high as 60%. It is for that reason evident that a private school can be with your children need if you want to maximise their chances on the job market.

In addition to this recent study, other research has likewise found that those professionals who attended private schools in the past are usually those with the best and highest paying jobs. There is even a term coined for those who visited private schools, the so-called “wage premium” as compared to those people who attended state schools.

When you consider a private school, you should not stop at looking at the monthly fees before considering those benefits. It may well be that school fees that come with many private schools in the UK will ultimately be offset and negated by the fact that your children will earn a lot more later on. Other criteria, such as that your children will likely get better grades plus a likely preference among employers due to a visit of a renowned private school not even considered.